Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Summertime sales and frivolity

 Hello there one and all,

I've had a few queries come in over Twitter & Facebook & I wanted to share with you a few of my 'Sales' purchases made on Boxing Day...

To begin with, my lovely boyfriend saw fit to give me a perfect present for Christmas... a wallet of cash & permission to have an entire day of guilt-free shopping with my best friend, Merran.

Merran & I prior to a few Christmas drinks

We arose very early & were in the car by 8AM sharp, well almost, making sure we arrived at the doors of Myer well before opening time. So early were we, there was ample time for a coffee and banana bread before what was to be an epic day of shopping.

First stop was the shoe department, followed by handbags, wallets, hats, scarves and shawls... Next we made our way over to the mid-range designer sales... I excitedly purchased two lovely dresses at bargain prices, one from 'Hi There' by Karen Walker, the other by 'Princess Highway' by Dangerfield.
The lines for the change rooms were about 30 ladies deep, hence Merran and I made the isles our own personal changing areas & we enjoyed a good laugh with other resourceful gals doing the exact same thing... Great minds thing alike.

After raiding every isle in Myer, Merran & I ventured out into the rest of the shopping centre amongst a sea of people. We visited stores like Cue, Review, Saba, Novo, Nine West, Zimmerman & many, many more... Here are just a couple of my finds - I assure you there is a lot more where these lot come from & I managed to stay under budget! Only just!

Nautical dress from 'Hi There' by Karen Walker
Purchased at half price!

1940's style dress from 'Princess Highway' by Dangerfield
Purchased at 40% discount

Satin party dress from Target
Purchase at 60% discount

Snakeskin loafers by Diana Ferrari

Cute black pumps by Collection

I thoroughly enjoyed being amongst the crowd, which apparently is a nightmare for most, and of course loved spending time with my dear friend.

Now, the picture of the Karen Walker dress simply doesn't do it justice (I blame the 'point-and-shoot camera) so here is a picture of yours truly wearing said dress, next to my darling boyfriend, Dean. He is well aware that I want the same Christmas present every year.

My boyfriend Dean, myself & 'the dress'...

Until next time :)



  1. I'm still so envious of that gorgeous 'Princess Highway' dress. I just may have to use it in my blog if you don't mind. Hoorah for shopping, lovely! :)

  2. Please do! Annnd a question - does it take you forever to leave a comment? Because I've had some feedback that it does and I'm not sure why - it's fine for me!