Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I wasn't entirely sure what to post for the turn of the year, but I've managed to find a wonderful set of calendar images from 1947, painted by George Petty. 

They're incredibly kitsch but I love them so.  These paintings are wonderful examples of masterful use of the airbrush.. I'm sure you could find a similar calendar in production now.

Please note that all of these calendar beauties are curvaceous and full figured.. so have your cake & eat it too - I haven't dared to think about the calories in my martini's these past few weeks.

Miss January 1947

Miss February 1947

Miss March 1947

Miss April 1947

Miss May 1947

Miss June 1947

Miss July 1947

Miss August 1947

Miss September 1957

Miss October 1947

Miss November 1947

Miss December 1947

Hope you have all kept safe over the holiday period, I know I have more cocktails to consume!



  1. Gorgeous;Just Absolutly Gorgeous! I just love their sweeping, girly curves,smiles ...and the old phones! Well found!

  2. We should get a little calendar like this made featuring... well us! ^^