About Yours Truly

Hi there,

Thank for stopping by my blog, & for wanting to get to know the face behind the keyboard!

I'm so delighted to have had the conviction to begin writing on a regular basis... Though this little blog still needs much love to blossom, I love finding things to share with like-minded vintage & home-made lovers. I really am passionate about having all the things I love in one virtual place & to have a voice & to be able to connect with others.

Where did the urge begin? My mother has always encouraged me to craft, draw & create (& loves spending time in opp shops as much as I do) so I guess it was natural to continue on as an adult. I sometimes sell my creations & good quality second hand & vintage pieces at markets. I am often blown away that hand crafting is so foreign to people these days!

Also beginning to be included in this blog are tips & tricks for having a Gluten Free diet. I am not a Coeliac however I cannot have any gluten in my diet as it seems to react terribly with me.. which can be a bit hard at times – so I want to share those types of tips too.

I love reading your comments & hearing your thoughts & ideas - so keep them coming through! You can also email me at pretty.little.cheesecake@gmail.com x x

Yours truly & a truck called 'Dennis'.