Friday, February 25, 2011

Out of the slump & back on track

Hello again!

I've been in a bit of a slump for the past few weeks, mainly because I haven't a dollar to my name and therefore had a self-imposed ban on online shopping until I started work...

The good news is that I'm now working again & therefore have the right to go crazy on eBay tonight.

First of all I want to share a very cute store that I've had success with recently called Snow Outlet. This was the first dress I purchase with it's darling neckline and uber cute print.

Floral Butterfly dress
Purchased for $8.50 + $13.50P/H

The quality for $21.50 cannot be disputed, the dress is well made with a light cotton and the skirt is fully lined. I'm hoping to have at least a years worth of wear out of this one! All dresses from Snow Outlet are of course in the 'vintage style' which is their main appeal.

Here are a few of my other favourite designs - all of which are priced from $17.80 including postage via Auction & Buy it Now methods.

There is absolutely no shopping in Alice Springs, so I'm ordering the purple & black geometric dress next... very excited!

x Sianne

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello there & a very 
Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Today I have for you a fine collection of old Valentine's Day cards.. I have my own little collection but ran out of time to scan them! 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day with friends, family & partners!

x Sianne

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I must admit, I adore Mark Ryden

Ryden in his West Coast studio.

For a number of years now, I have been eagerly following the creative works of Mark Ryden. His art tickles the fancy of every surrealist lover whilst provoking argument with the use of subject matter brimming with cultural connotation.

One day I intend to start a collection of his prints.. the main issue is selecting which pieces to purchase first! Here are three of my favourites from 'The Gay 90's Show' collection...

The Grinder (#95)2010

Incarnation (#100)
.... Perhaps I will start my collection sooner rather than later. Prints are available from as well as selected art galleries.

x Sianne

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tree change; Moving to Alice Springs, Northern Territory

I've officially moved! 

But not to Sydneytown as originally planned, but to Alice Springs in the very heart Central Australia.

Formally living on the East Coast below Brisbane,
now living in the 'Red Centre', Alice Springs

Just 30,000 people call Alice Springs home, which is most certainly a culture-shock for a city lover like myself.  No longer do I have access to cocktail bars or twenty-four hour coffee shops..   'The Alice' boasts a much slower pace & a relaxing lifestyle which, from the surface, might seem a touch boring.
I however, will be seeking out fun nights, well mixed drinks & of course Antiques whilst I'm here.  After all, a town founded in 1872 must have a few dust-covered relics for me to find!

Unfortunately for me, it's not all sunshine and daisy's! Over the past week, I have been bitten by a nasty redback spider, had a much larger spider run across my hand whilst washing dishes, found an infestation of mice in our house and caught a severe virus... Not to mention the other bugs. I'm considering it a form of hazing that the outback likes to inflict on us 'city types' & it's not going to discourage me just yet.

I've also seen some beautiful birds in our yard! Kingfishers, magpie-larks (peewee's), desert finch, green finch, doves, princess parrots and more... They're very cute indeed and work well to rid the garden of bugs & moths.

During my obligatory pre-move research on the town I came across these few pictures. Whilst the town itself is much larger than during the 50's and 60's, there is still a close-knit vibe & of course the scenery remains the same too.

Old Halls Creek Hotel - Cliff Sherry (policeman) - Walter Darcey, Ruby Plains - Ken Cameron, Flora Valley - Gordon Buchanan, grandson of Nat (Bluey) Buchanan - Drover, overlander, explorer - couple of local ringers

Waterloo station.... open camp drafting bullocks for overland droving trip to Queensland

Aerial photo  - Traeger Park in centre - Todd River at bottom.

Alice Springs Trucking Yards Cattle Sale - Rail Wagons in foreground and Road Train Transports in background.

RAAF - Canberra Bomber - Alice Springs Airport

Alice Springs trucking yards - Burning carcases during drought
Late 1960's

Old ghan croosing finke river. approximately 3 miles south of Finke township.
 December 1965

Alice Springs Memorial Club concert, Patrick Thomas conducting.
Will keep you updated :)

x Sianne

Sweet valentine's; Blast from the past romantics

Excerpt from magazine, 1954.

Excerpt from magazine, 1953.
Model with cupids bow & heart

February 1952

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book release; Don't Kill the Birthday Girl! Tales of an Allergic Life

Cover of  'Don't Kill the Birthday Girl'

A few weeks ago I heard mention of a hilarious new book about food allergies & the way they affect our lives.  Don't Kill the Birthday Girl! Tales of an Allergic Life by Sandra Beasley won't be available in stores or online until July, however Beasley's website does have an official description - which sells the book to me already since, being a Coeliac, I can completely relate!
"When butter is deadly and eggs can make your throat swell shut, cupcakes and other joys of childhood are out of the question–and so Sandra’s mother used to warn guests against a toxic, frosting-tinged kiss with “Don’t kill the birthday girl!” Tackling a long-marginalized subject, this book intertwines a cultural history and sociological study of food allergies with humorous and sometimes heartbreaking real-life experience. From a short-lived gig as a restaurant reviewer to the dates that ended with trips to the emergency room, step inside the story of a modern young woman coming to terms with a potentially deadly disorder."
Beasley's book sounds both funny & relatable to all those out there will severe allergies to certain foods.

Although it's becoming more common, being a Coeliac is still widely misunderstood. I find it most difficult to explain to people just why I'm turning down the freshly baked housewarming cupcakes or the very expensive and beautifully decorated wedding cake;
"Try the cake! Just one tiny slice won't kill you!"
"It might not kill me, but I'll be off work for a week & wishing I were dead..."

I'm hoping to find witty one-liners and cute quotes when this book arrives - I'll be passing it straight on to my boyfriend so that he can understand how I feel all the time!

x Sianne

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photo inspiration; A couple's embrace on Valentine's Day

A couple's embrace on Valentines Day, 1920's.

I'm unsure of the origins of this picture, but it's adorable nonetheless... I'm very much looking forward to spending a day out exploring in the desert with my boyfriend - this will be our fifth Valentine's together & is always a great excuse to get away for a weekend.

x Sianne