Sunday, January 23, 2011

Have your cake & eat it too; Skinny girls are not glamour girls..

A little while ago I stumbled across this picture on Tumblr... Apparently it was an advertisement pulled from a New York newspaper in the early 1950's..

It not only made me smile, but it also gave me a bit of food for thought... I often wonder whether why the mindset around body image has been altered in the past few decades. Why are women obsessed with being thin to the point of being unhealthy? And why is that attractive?

The diet crazed plastic surgery obsessed messages being broadcast in the media are disgusting, which is why I generally choose not to read such garbage as 'celeb' news or watch MTV. I'm much happier without that rot & I'd much prefer to keep my curves that be mistaken for a pre-pubescent boy, thank you very much!

As I question that niggling urge to 'lose a few kilos', I am inspired to take a look at some modern curvaceous screen sirens & entertainment icons to ensure that I'll bake my cakes and eat them too this year.

Katherine Heigl

Kate Winslet

Christina Hendicks
Meryl Streep

Beyonce' Knowles

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Dita Von Teese

Nigella Lawson

Now to bake that cake...

x Sianne


  1. That ad is fabulous. It would be nice if the quest for thin slowed down a bit and went back to appreciating curves. Can't we all co exist? Then imagine the clothing... none of these ridiculous 50s style dresses sitting at mid thigh. Whinge! But you know even though I, like you, adore almost everything vintage and love a good curve I'm still not going to quit my dream of being 5-10kg lighter lol but on that note it's terribly cold here and I want to get back to snacking ;)

  2. Yep! A vote for girly curves from the very "fluffy" Foxi!