Thursday, January 20, 2011

M is for Magazine; Jazzing up an old magazine holder

Over the past few days I've made an immense effort to clean up my craft cupboard & desk.. as well as the boxes full to the brim with craft supplies sitting next to the desk.

It's been a mission but I've also completed a few projects, including my Alphonse Mucha inspired magazine holder. The level of detail & layering in his works inspires me, so I wanted to pull apart an old calendar I owned & repurpose it for my room.

Also used was some vintage rose wallpaper, gold ribbon and of course the staple brown paper as a base.

My much loved Frankie magazine's now have a flash new home.

I have enough materials to make a second holder... and I think I might.

x Sianne

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  1. You are very, very creative and artistic!