Monday, March 29, 2010

Vintage Wallpaper

Hi there and hope you’re having a very happy Monday! I know my start to the week has been very hectic – I’m quite thankful it’s only a 4 day working week!

I thought I’d share some treasure that I found on Flickr (oh, what a site!)

Today I stumbled across the wondrous sets of flickr user  ‘50s Pam’, who on Flickr, manages 6 groups: Retro Renovation...Save The Pink Bathrooms...Storybook Ranch Houses... Mid-Century Modes Homes... Knotty Pine Interiors... and, Mid-Century Modern Red Geraniums - all dedicated to building an archive and community around these oh-so-fascinating topics.

Pam has a number of incredible sets to browse; from vintage papers dolls to 40’s interiors & 40’s kitchen designs. You simply must go and have a bit of a look!

Easily my favourite is ‘My Vintage Wallpaper Collection’.
Pam says about this fantastic collection, "I have about 200 rolls of vintage wallpaper from the 50s and 60s, this is the first of scans to come. I love love love vintage wallpaper - the homier the better!"
Enjoy these few!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Font Queen: Jessica Hische

After listening an interview with designer and illustrator Jessica Hische on Triple J (18 Mar 10), I simply had to take a look at her website.
What I found was an entire collection of her stunning work..

Above: her first typeface titled 'Buttermilk'
Below: A piece called 'Trashionistas' designed for Atlanta Magazine.
Just wanted to share a few pieces with you!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beach Glamour

Living on the Gold Coast, I'm constantly at the beach lathered in sunscreen (ferociously maintaining my Snow White tan) & I find it inspiring to reflect on these images before any risk of being in the sun with the hope of tanning!

Then I get to wondering.. Why is it that we dress so casually when heading to the beach?

Who's to say that make-up, scarves, hats & umbrella's should be outlawed & skimpy lyrca is left to reign free.

Shouldn't we be making the most of the few clothes still on & accessorise in a functional, fashionable way?

Enough blabbering from me, I hope you enjoy these beautiful images that I found on the web.

Two models overlooking water in Palermo wearing bathing suits, both of red, one plaid one checkered with shaggy elfin caps, 1955

Bar du Soleil, July 1961‘What stripes are to tigers and peaches to cream, these sun clothes are to smart resort life: indispensable’, thought Vogue. The resort in question is Deauville, rich in sybaritic delights, whether dining, casinos or racing, and, as air travel became quicker and cheaper – just a short hop across the channel. Vogue’s sun-worshipper wears a loose sweater, slit deeply at the side, by Falconetto.

Model standing on tile steps beside the stone walls of the Castello San' Nicola outside Palermo, Italy, wearing a large brimmed red hat with a red chiffon pleated dress, a row of buttons up the front with chin high collar by Junior Sophisticates, 1967

Baroness Fiona Thyssen-Bornemisza sporting Cover Girl makeup shades, white coolie hat with cigaline veiling by Anello, 1966

For those possessed of ‘More Taste than Money’, as Vogue discreetly put it, summer glamour could be found inexpensively. Here, for example, perfect for sun worshipping, is a long-sleeved polka-dot cotton shirt and matching blooers with, as a pi├Ęce de resistance, a cummerbund in a contrasting pattern, cinching the outfit at the waist. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alas, a blog is born!

Hi there, my name is Sianne & this blog is set to become my secret diary.

For years now I have had a love affair with all things old. I am entranced by the story behind clothes of the 1930’s & 1950’s – what stories they could tell! Not just old clothes either, I have collected scarves, porcelain kittens, tea sets, vases, mirrors & jewellery – much of which comes from ladies I know or opp shops or more than occasionally from online (who can resist?).

On top of the old, I also collect & create things that are new. Whether they are dresses or hair pieces, I find hand crafting pieces for myself and for gifts so rewarding!

I am looking forward to nurturing this blog & to share interesting things with you all. I want to encourage to you craft, create & dream of life of glamour –where everything can be personalised & simply “you”.

Also included in this blog are tips & tricks for living a Gluten Free lifestyle. I am not a Coeliac however I cannot have any gluten in my diet at all... which can be a bit hard at times – especially when chocolate mud cake is calling me!

I love reading your comments & hearing your thoughts & ideas - so please send them through!

Well that’s enough about me for now, you can find me elsewhere on the internet – links to be posted after my sites are re-vamped!