Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ripped silk tears!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has accidentally ruined, ripped or destroyed a beautiful vintage clothing piece!

I was actually doing pretty well for myself, thinking that I’d been careful with my garments over the years even when having a drink or two. What can you do if you catch the lace on a 1940's dress and it disintegrates before your eyes? Not a lot except have a bit of a teary & complain that life just isn't fair.

I was in the kitchen earlier in a 40’s slips & I managed to catch the edge of the silk on the dining room table before hearing a heart-breaking rip! I suppose that sometimes there’s nothing you can do to halt time and prevent a tear...

Of course I will try to fix my slip best I can, or rope mother dearest into the act as her hand stitching is far neater than my own. Failing the mending skills, I may need to buy a new slip for that retail therapy buzz! Not all is lost.

x Sianne


Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fashion Feature: American Apparel

There is something about the current 'Classic Girl' look by American Apparel that just makes me smile.

Perhaps it's the clean and simple lines, the traditional feminine colours or the fact that the collection isn't full of pink frills & lace (not that there isn't a time & a place for pink frills and lace).

A gal needs her basic kit of clothing and that's exactly what this collection offers.

Unisex Pinpoint Short Sleve Button Up Shirt
Priced at $82

Silky shirred waist skirt
Priced at $54

Chiffon Double-Layered Shirred Waist Skirt
Priced at $64
High waist demin short
Priced at $54
Polyester High-Waist Pleated Pant
Priced at $108

You can see more of the Classic Girl range at the American Apparel website & I thoroughly recommend searching by catagory on the left hand pane.. otherwise you miss a few lines and that's never a good thing.

Til next week x Sianne

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On your bike, ladies! The wonderful Raleigh Coasting

Today I wanted to show you this cute as a button bike by Raleigh Bicycles is a must have for the summer.. I want one!

Over viewed by Raleigh as; Combining retro good looks and the very elegant 3 speed auto shifting Shimano  A fun bike that is simple, fun to ride and the only thing you have to think about is, ‘where do I go now’? Hooray, they're most certainly not wrong.

This bike is priced between $400 - $700 (ouch) but it does come in a gorgeous aqua colour this year.. I've seen a couple in a soft pink too & would definitely want the latter with a little wicker basket at the front. Perhaps eBay is the answer to procuring one of these babies.

Aqua Coaster from the 2009 Collection

Oh too cute to pass up - Coaster in soft Pink

That's all! Sianne

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Fashion Feature

After a few weeks of a self inflicted ban on myself from shopping for items I can wear (insanity!), I am now allowing myself to get back into the swing of things it feels amazing to shop again! I have purchased a few bits and pieces lately and in my search for a new playsuit, I've stumbled across this uber cute website - Blue Velvet Vintage - classic fashions for classy dames.

Blue Velvet Vintage stocks everything you could want or need to deck yourself out from head to toe in beautiful pre-loved vintage. The best thing about the site that stock is kept up to date (i.e. not all 'SOLD'), the measurements are accurate & there is clarity around what is genuine vintage stock and was is a reproduction. They have an alluring collection of lingerie, crinoline slips, nightgowns, kimonos, loungewear, peignoir sets, robes and glamorous Hawaiian and pin up style swimsuits from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. It's love at first site.

Here are a few of my more favoured pieces;

50S/60S Paradise Hawai Swimsuit/playsuit
with sarong style skirt
Priced at $134

50's Rose Marie Reid Black Pinup
Style Swimsuit
Priced at $165

50's Plaid Pinup Style One Piece
Halter Swimsuit

Priced at $145

60's Alix of Miami Blue Playsuit
Romper Swimsuit

Priced at $110

60's Hawaiian Swimsuit/ Playsuit/ Romper
Priced at $124

60's Rose Marie Reed Fish Scale Print
Priced at $110

60's Gabar White and Pink Eyelet Playsuit/
Swimsuit Romper
Priced at $110

You can view the whole gorgeous collection on their site;

x Sianne

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Going green with glorious envy!

So the days have gotten away with me again and I'm running late on a post, by a week... how symbolic of my life at the moment! It's continuing to be a hectic few months but I'm looking forward to Spring-time shopping already... only 2 more months away.

Last week I gave you a feature of 'blue' and today I bring you glorious green!

No more time to type, please enjoy :)