Monday, September 27, 2010

Lovely ladies in red

Happy Monday! Hope you've had a flying start to the week, unfortunately I slept in and missed the window of opportunity to go for a swim. Unfortunately we're experiencing Springtime rain on the Gold Coast.

Point of the post.. Earlier this year I posted some old photographs with colour themes covering yellow, blue, green and today I give you some glorious red themed vintage fashions. I've got a heck of a lot of this colour in my wardrobe from summer dresses, swimmers and sandals to evening dresses, high heeled shoes, jewellery, belts and scarves. You just can't go wrong with red!

Please enjoy these few I've found - next week I hope to cover shades of purple!

Model by the seaside

Model in red crepe dress by Christian Dior.

American advertisement for female nightgowns. Circa 1954.

Marilyn Monroe in the iconic red dress from the film, Niagra 1953
Photograph of Marilyn on set during the shoot of the film Niagra, 1953

Suzy Parker models red dress by designer Norman Norell
Marilyn Monroe in red negligee reading fan mail

Image from Vogue US,  June 2005 issue

Veruschka wearing striped wool full-length coat over striped chiffon dress by Valentino, 1966
Model near spires in Istanbul wearing red crepe toga-dress with asymmetric hemline by Larry Aldrich.
Barbara Bach straddles tile steps of the Castello San'Nicola outside Palermo, Sicily; wearing a bright red dress  by Teal Traina, with broad brimmed red hat by Halston, 1967
Model at Castello San' Nicola outside Palermo, Italy, wearing a large brimmed red hat with a red chiffon pleated dress with chin high collar by Junior Sophisticates, 1967

Until next time

x Sianne

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  1. Marilyn is just amazing! Sweet set.