Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion Feature; Dotti; Never underestimate a chain store

Once upon a time, before being able to afford boutiques and before discovering eBay, I shopped almost exclusively at chain stores. One of these stores was Dotti - cheap, cheerful and a useful one-stop-shop for my girlfriends ever changing wardrobes.. I've recently heard that their clothing lines are cute again so I wanted to showcase some in-trend pieces. 

The best thing about chain stores is the price - it might not always be the best quality (not to say that this is always the case) but if you're buying a piece for one season only then you may as well do it on a budget!

The Lace Broiderie Dress
Okay, the name of the garment annoys me slightly.. maybe a little more than slightly. Failure to complete the term 'Broderie Anglaise' properly gets on my nerves. Regardless, this sculpted strapless number is perfect for this summer's romantic trend. The fitted bodice and high waistline are slimming and cool to wear. I personally have been wearing this style for years - it never goes out of fashion when worn with the right accessories.
The Lace Broiderie Dress by Dotti
Priced at $69.99 AUD

The Roses and Diamonds Top
Perfect for work or play with gorgeous chiffon, ruffles and sparkle this top is ultra feminine and bang on trend this year. Dress it up with a pencil skirt, fishnets and a shiny jacket or go casual with jean shorts. You can create this look at home if you've got some plain singlets and skills on the sewing machine however for $39.99, Dotti has the look in store ready for you.
The Roses and Diamonds Top by Dotti
Priced at $39.99 AUD

Contrast Bow Belt Short
Although you can't be sure without trying these babies on, my best bet is that they give some extra room for the thighs, hooray. Cute sewn in cuff at the base of the short as well as a reasonable length leads me to believe that these are a perfect buy for the fashionable lass. One thing I hate seeing in the summer-time is skanky girls with half their butts hanging out of teeny-tiny sad excuses for shorts - not pleasant gals!
Contrast Bow Belt Short
Priced at $49.99 AUD

Floral Lining Blush Blazer
It's refreshing to see so many soft pinks making their way back into chain stores. This jacket is ultra flattering with a single button hitting you at the smallest part of your waist. I have reservations about the print on the cuff however it's a pretty damn cute piece and perfect to dress up a cotton dress on a cool evening or introduce florals to your wardrobe if they're not usually your style. Wear it with a belt to break up the colour if it's too much for you.
Floral Lining Blush Blazer by Dotti
Priced at $79.99 AUD

One of the best things about the Dotti collection online is the uber cute model. It's nice to see a healthy girl with the ability to smile. Here are some of the styling idea's.

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x Sianne

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  1. Omg I friken love their ads. I want blonde hair.