Thursday, March 10, 2011

This weekend I will be traveling from Alice Springs back to my hometown of the Gold Coast to visit friends and then embark on a 3000km driving journey across the country-side with my boyfriend and my Holden Barina. The trip will take us at least 2 days and I’m hoping not to have anything horrible happen to my cute little car – which has never even seen a dirt road!

Stock image of my car... Mine has a full 5 doors!

After packing many, many boxes of clothes & shoes & art before moving house & now having to bring even more household items out to Alice Springs along with my car, I’m beginning to wonder just how materialistic I am… When my house isn’t set-up ‘just so’ or organized in a way I see fit, I find that I can’t sleep properly or get settled. It seems slightly ridiculous that one girl could require so many possessions just to be content.

In my last few weeks of instability I've made a few impulse buys (mainly shoes) & also cut a short fringe or bangs back in... I think they look cute but I'd completely forgotten how high-maintenance they are!

Over the weekend at The Rock Bar, sipping a G&T.

With my boyfriend, wearing a vintage lace bolero.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures during our journey from the Gold Coast to Alice Springs & post an update once we're safely back to civilization.

xx Sianne

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