Sunday, March 20, 2011

A failed trip to 'The Outback'

Well, last week I told you a bit about my plans to drive from the Gold Coast to Alice Springs on a 2 day whirlwind trip with my boyfriend... It turns out that my bad luck with travel continues! Here is a rough outline of how the trip panned out;

Day 1 - Departed the Gold Coast at 2AM to get an 'early' start and make the most of the day. By 4PM we had driven over 1,400KM's & arrived in a small town called Winton, only to be informed that the roads ahead had been closed due to recent rainfall & that we would be staying in town overnight.

Day 2 - Departed Winton to continue on our journey West, stopping occasionally for flooding closures. In the afternoon we had travelled a further 700KM & arrived in an even smaller town on the border of Queensland & the Northern Territory called Camooweal. Upon the sight of dozens of road trains & cars alike, we knew the road had been closed again & that we would be stuck for another night at the pub.

Day 3 - Spent the day exploring Camooweal's only shop, a petrol station & the grounds around the pub. All other guests were in the same situation as us, so we made friends quickly & enjoyed many drinks as well as a few good games of pool.

Day 4 - With continuing road closures we made the frustrating decision to back-track by over 2,000kms to the Gold Coast. The entire day was spent on the road through flood waters, rain & coming close to hitting wildlife during the night before attempting to have a sleep in the car around midnight... unsuccessfully!

Day 5 - Continued driving constantly through night with many close calls & limited visibility due to more rain. We nearly ran out of petrol at one stage & couldn't find any open petrol stations with food so were relieved to find a McDonald's at around 6AM in the morning. We covered the full 2,000kms within 23hrs & had a long, long sleep through the day to recover!

Now that I'm back in Alice Springs full-time I can most certainly write some more!

x Sianne

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