Monday, February 7, 2011

Tree change; Moving to Alice Springs, Northern Territory

I've officially moved! 

But not to Sydneytown as originally planned, but to Alice Springs in the very heart Central Australia.

Formally living on the East Coast below Brisbane,
now living in the 'Red Centre', Alice Springs

Just 30,000 people call Alice Springs home, which is most certainly a culture-shock for a city lover like myself.  No longer do I have access to cocktail bars or twenty-four hour coffee shops..   'The Alice' boasts a much slower pace & a relaxing lifestyle which, from the surface, might seem a touch boring.
I however, will be seeking out fun nights, well mixed drinks & of course Antiques whilst I'm here.  After all, a town founded in 1872 must have a few dust-covered relics for me to find!

Unfortunately for me, it's not all sunshine and daisy's! Over the past week, I have been bitten by a nasty redback spider, had a much larger spider run across my hand whilst washing dishes, found an infestation of mice in our house and caught a severe virus... Not to mention the other bugs. I'm considering it a form of hazing that the outback likes to inflict on us 'city types' & it's not going to discourage me just yet.

I've also seen some beautiful birds in our yard! Kingfishers, magpie-larks (peewee's), desert finch, green finch, doves, princess parrots and more... They're very cute indeed and work well to rid the garden of bugs & moths.

During my obligatory pre-move research on the town I came across these few pictures. Whilst the town itself is much larger than during the 50's and 60's, there is still a close-knit vibe & of course the scenery remains the same too.

Old Halls Creek Hotel - Cliff Sherry (policeman) - Walter Darcey, Ruby Plains - Ken Cameron, Flora Valley - Gordon Buchanan, grandson of Nat (Bluey) Buchanan - Drover, overlander, explorer - couple of local ringers

Waterloo station.... open camp drafting bullocks for overland droving trip to Queensland

Aerial photo  - Traeger Park in centre - Todd River at bottom.

Alice Springs Trucking Yards Cattle Sale - Rail Wagons in foreground and Road Train Transports in background.

RAAF - Canberra Bomber - Alice Springs Airport

Alice Springs trucking yards - Burning carcases during drought
Late 1960's

Old ghan croosing finke river. approximately 3 miles south of Finke township.
 December 1965

Alice Springs Memorial Club concert, Patrick Thomas conducting.
Will keep you updated :)

x Sianne


  1. How exciting! Good luck, my love. I know you'll be running the place in no time. I might even have to come visit when I return to see how the other half live ;)

  2. "You'll never ever Know, unless you never ever GO" was the tourist enticing catch cry. Now you've gone! Enjoy the adventures awaiting in the Red Centre, except for more critters!