Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book release; Don't Kill the Birthday Girl! Tales of an Allergic Life

Cover of  'Don't Kill the Birthday Girl'

A few weeks ago I heard mention of a hilarious new book about food allergies & the way they affect our lives.  Don't Kill the Birthday Girl! Tales of an Allergic Life by Sandra Beasley won't be available in stores or online until July, however Beasley's website does have an official description - which sells the book to me already since, being a Coeliac, I can completely relate!
"When butter is deadly and eggs can make your throat swell shut, cupcakes and other joys of childhood are out of the question–and so Sandra’s mother used to warn guests against a toxic, frosting-tinged kiss with “Don’t kill the birthday girl!” Tackling a long-marginalized subject, this book intertwines a cultural history and sociological study of food allergies with humorous and sometimes heartbreaking real-life experience. From a short-lived gig as a restaurant reviewer to the dates that ended with trips to the emergency room, step inside the story of a modern young woman coming to terms with a potentially deadly disorder."
Beasley's book sounds both funny & relatable to all those out there will severe allergies to certain foods.

Although it's becoming more common, being a Coeliac is still widely misunderstood. I find it most difficult to explain to people just why I'm turning down the freshly baked housewarming cupcakes or the very expensive and beautifully decorated wedding cake;
"Try the cake! Just one tiny slice won't kill you!"
"It might not kill me, but I'll be off work for a week & wishing I were dead..."

I'm hoping to find witty one-liners and cute quotes when this book arrives - I'll be passing it straight on to my boyfriend so that he can understand how I feel all the time!

x Sianne


  1. OMG This sounds like a great read! Well found Sherlock!

  2. It is sooooo hard to eat out even when it is advertised as gluten free, doesn't mean they understand it. Ie The pizza base is gluten free but is the salami, sauce, was it cross contaminated by being made on the same bench, stove etc as the regular stuff.