Thursday, June 17, 2010

A vote of confidence, short hair is hot

Up until late last year, I had rather long hair, which was frustratingly heavy, so I cut bangs in.

Brunette bang days
Ultra cute bob with bangs

Bangs were an awesome idea - except that they had to be maintained on a weekly basis to keep the length right & straightened & blow-dried daily. Not only was my hair ultra long, but it's very thick, so my head would ache if I left it up too long and I used 2 sets of hot rollers to get all the hair in... just. It got to be a little bit frustrating.

After a few months of deliberating & tossing up the pro's & con's of various hairstyles, I figured why should I make a mild change (i.e. chop off a few inches), when I can start afresh with a whole new look. Alas, a trip to the hairdresser was booked & I left the salon with a bob & bangs. Delightful change!
It looks pretty awesome but I've recently been second guessing my decision to go short with my hair. 
I miss my long locks but enjoy the freedom of not having to think of new ways to put up my hair, in fact my current style requires little to no styling or maintenance. The standard bob has now morphed into more of a concave style to prevent that mid-length awkwardness but my patience is thin & there's nothing to be done to excelerate the growth either.

Is it really as sexy as long hair? I'm not sure... so I found a collection of images that reinforces my confidence that short hair most certainly can be feminine & sexy, please enjoy!

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