Sunday, April 11, 2010

Painting Paradise: Kelly Reemtsen

In my online search for '1950's Garden Dresses', I've stumbled across these fabulous paintings by Kelly Reemtsen. What an amazing talent she has with a paint brush!

These pictures are from an absolutely amazing set called 'Striving for Perfection' & there are pieces  for sale online at this address:

I love the way she's focused on the dresses & the garden gear alone, leaving the identity of the lovely ladies to the imagination of the viewer. For some reason I'm inspired to get behind the sewing machine & out into the garden with a beautiful cotton dress...

B&W Stripe by Kelly Reemtsen

Break & Enter by Kelly Reemtsen

Crowbar by Kelly Reemtsen

Gold Dress by Kelly Reemtsen

Pink B&E by Kelly Reemtsen

Pink Hose by Kelly Reemtsen

They Match My Dress by Kelly Reemtsen

Tree Triming by Kelly Reemtsen

Winter Wear by Kelly Reemtsen

If you want to keep up to date with her gallery exhibitions, she does have a website for your viewing pleasure. 

I wish I could find more of a personal biography for Kelly - alas my Google skills have failed!

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