Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book love: It's Vintage, Darling!

I finished reading this book by Christa Weil earlier this year & it completely revolutionised the way I shop both first & second hand. It's Vintage, Darling!: How to Be a Clothes Connoisseur is an absolute must-buy!

I first discovered this book at my friend Charlotte’s flat in Melbourne. After flipping through the first few pages I simply had to own it for myself... Good choice! This book is incredibly well researched & the perfect partner to assist in finding the right accessories to the right frock. Christa Weil writes in a entertaining manor that every young lady can relate to & the book was so much fun to read through. I’ve always had a basic idea of what ‘quality’ is in a garment, but ‘It’s Vintage, Darling’ really hones in on the yay’s & nay’s.

Whilst there are no images to droll over in this book (boo), it is full of fantastic stories and useful information & is the perfect companion for anyone who loves clothes (& bags * jewellery & shoes!).

The next time you’re complimented on a unique outfit wonderfully accessorized, simply reply, ‘It’s Vintage, Darling!’

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