Saturday, April 16, 2011

Returning home & watching a few fights..

Today is the day I return home to my Alice Springs & my darling boyfriend after a fortnight of working in Adelaide. I won't deny that I've missed him very much & despite my love of the fast-paced city, I can't wait to get on that plane!

I miss my wardrobe & my own bed & my stable Internet connection.

Also on today's agenda is a rather unique & unusual event for little old Alice - a competitive Mixed Martial Arts fight. The festivities kick off at around 5PM at the Casino with a meal & drinks (cocktails for yours truly) before the fights start up. Sixteen amateur bouts with most fighters brand new to the sport - very much looking forward to it!

That particular topic got my thinking about one of my favourite movies, Fight Club (Masterpiece of 1999), & a very awesome poster drawn by Adam Juresko, available on his Esty site.

I plan to get rather dolled up for tonight & will most certainly share any decent pictures with you next week.

Until next time,

Sianne x

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