Friday, April 15, 2011

Poisoned idea; Swapping my lunchtime Coffee for an Apple

I was recently challenged by a friend to swap my lunchtime coffee for an apple in order to reduce my caffeine, sugar & milk consumption.. 

On an ordinary 'work' day, I'll drink 2 plain coffee's before work, another will be in my hands as I walk through the door & another on my desk just around lunch time. I've cut down!

Anyway, I've been eating an apple after lunch instead of heading to my local Gloria Jeans & have really noticed the difference in energy levels!

Think 'Snow White' thoughts.

Green apples are clearly superior to red ones & there are plenty of benefits to justify making the healthy switch.

Included for just 50 calories of apple is a dose of Vitamin K, C & Potassium, Antioxidants as well as Fibre. Leave skins on of course.

Also a plus is the natural fructose sugar which gives you a well needed buzz to continue working through the afternoon without the chocolate cravings!

Even Disnery preferred Green Apples, & I love this picture..

Perhaps it was the squishy old apples packed for lunch all through school that had turned me off, but I'm definitely re-converted to having apples as a daily snack.

Have a lovely weekend to one & all.

Crunch time ahoy!

x Sianne

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