Saturday, November 27, 2010

Four weeks til Christmas!

It's hard to believe that Christmas has rolled around already for 2010.. My mother and I always have a rather subdued day, last year we spent an early morning having breakfast at the beach before lounging around the house with antipasto platters, cocktails and a few decent movies to enjoy (Gone with the Wind included). It was wonderful!

This year I'm a little uncertain of plans.. it's possible I'll be traveling so I've invested in a few little tokens to make sure that Mum & I can have a special day together, even if we're apart.

First, we have matching tea cups from T2.. there're an affordable $18AUD and are made of a thicker porcelain which I find easier to travel with when needed.
Next, we have a recipe for the most delightful scones to bake and eat on the day.. even though mine are gluten free! (Will post recipe soon..)

Thirdly, we have a set of Villeroy and Boch vintage Christmas bells with delicate little roses around the rim. We each have one special bell on our tree!

I've got a small collection of these bells, found mostly in antique stores and very occasionally at a good quality garage sale. They are also readily available to buy online if you're running behind on decorating!

'Merry Christmas hand embellished glass ornaments'
$8USD by AMAZONART on Etsy

Whilst it's not always easy to spend time away from family at these sentimental times of year, it's a lot easier when you have a few sentimental items to remind you of home.. as well as for those at home to be reminded of you!

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  1. Beautiful delicates, and sentiments. Yes, "all hearts travel home for Christmas",even if our bodies can't!