Sunday, May 16, 2010

Solution to a bad hair day

Surely I can't be the only person subject to the stress of terribly misbehaved hair... this morning I slept in with only 15 minutes to get ready & fly out the door - lets just say my hair refused to cooperate so a 'plan b' was required.
Whenever this happens, fortunately it's not a frequent occurrence, I'm faced with the predicament of which is more important, food, make-up, underwear or hair. Going without any of the former is less than ideal but when it comes to hair there are at least a few ways to fashionably disguise the issue!
Sometimes I opt for an oversized bow, or a cute scarf but my preference is of course a hat.

A bit too much for work, yes, but purrrfect for a day out!

Take note of the striped 50's fabric turban

Loretta Young in a gorgeous hat with flowers

Now if only I could justify a more significant investment in my hat collection!


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