Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fashion Feature

This week I have chosen to feature an Etsy store, rather than just a specific product, the store is called Whichgoose and the products are absolutely adorable!

What does whichgoose sell? Mega cute accessories, most of which feature flowers & leaves and all that romantic stuff as well as home decor through another Etsy site. These pieces are more for the brave fashionista, you'll be sure to get a lot of looks!

The creator of all these magnificent vintage inspired floral accessories is a 27-year-old gone with the wind lover who recently left her job as a graphic designer to make crowns on Etsy full-time - I'm very glad she did.

I thoroughly recommend taking a look around on the site, I'm still deciding which pieces I want to buy... the buttery fly hair comb has stolen my heart.

Daisy chain crown priced at $50

Cocoon butterfly hair comb priced at $30

Pink lace hair piece

Pink lace close-up

'Til next time x Sianne

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