Monday, March 29, 2010

Vintage Wallpaper

Hi there and hope you’re having a very happy Monday! I know my start to the week has been very hectic – I’m quite thankful it’s only a 4 day working week!

I thought I’d share some treasure that I found on Flickr (oh, what a site!)

Today I stumbled across the wondrous sets of flickr user  ‘50s Pam’, who on Flickr, manages 6 groups: Retro Renovation...Save The Pink Bathrooms...Storybook Ranch Houses... Mid-Century Modes Homes... Knotty Pine Interiors... and, Mid-Century Modern Red Geraniums - all dedicated to building an archive and community around these oh-so-fascinating topics.

Pam has a number of incredible sets to browse; from vintage papers dolls to 40’s interiors & 40’s kitchen designs. You simply must go and have a bit of a look!

Easily my favourite is ‘My Vintage Wallpaper Collection’.
Pam says about this fantastic collection, "I have about 200 rolls of vintage wallpaper from the 50s and 60s, this is the first of scans to come. I love love love vintage wallpaper - the homier the better!"
Enjoy these few!

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