Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On your bike, ladies! The wonderful Raleigh Coasting

Today I wanted to show you this cute as a button bike by Raleigh Bicycles is a must have for the summer.. I want one!

Over viewed by Raleigh as; Combining retro good looks and the very elegant 3 speed auto shifting Shimano  A fun bike that is simple, fun to ride and the only thing you have to think about is, ‘where do I go now’? Hooray, they're most certainly not wrong.

This bike is priced between $400 - $700 (ouch) but it does come in a gorgeous aqua colour this year.. I've seen a couple in a soft pink too & would definitely want the latter with a little wicker basket at the front. Perhaps eBay is the answer to procuring one of these babies.

Aqua Coaster from the 2009 Collection

Oh too cute to pass up - Coaster in soft Pink

That's all! Sianne

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